Summer News

We have had a busy year so far and want to share some of our exciting news and highlights from the trip to Kenya.

My dad, Aunt Diane, and I (Alison) were thrilled to be a part of Joseph's wedding in April. He married Dorris in a lovely ceremony attended by their family members, our sponsored kids and their guardians, and many members of the community. It was such a special day - an awesome reminder of how far Joseph has come and the impact he is making in so many lives. 

After the wedding we had the pleasure of spending time with the children from the program. We ate, danced, sang and laughed a lot. We also were able to visit several of secondary students' homes and meet the guardians that are caring for them after the death of their parents. Joseph, Doris, my dad, my aunt and I went on safari for a couple days and were able to enjoy some of the amazing scenery, wildlife and people that make Kenya so special. 

Checkout some of the highlights in the slideshow below. 


Welcome Ferdinand!

One of our cows, Mary, gave birth to a baby bull in May. We had our supporters vote on a name given four choices, and Ferdinand was the overwhelming winner. We try to stay connected to our supporters through Instagram and Facebook, so if you don't already, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Current Needs

School Fees

Neema, Linus, and Hillary all need additional money for their school fees, whether it be a one-time donation or ongoing sponsorship.
Neema is currently in her second year of nursing school. She has 4 terms left at a cost of $900 per term for tuition and room and board. She has one sponsor helping with part of the costs, but she needs additional assistance to be able to finish her degree.
Linus is in his second year of high school. He needs $30/month to cover his fees.
Hillary is a very bright student, but he was walking and hour an a half each way to school. We have enrolled him in a boarding school. Hillary has a sponsor, but we need an additional $25/month to cover his fees.

Last week, a strong wind came through and knocked down the entire cow shed! Joseph and a worker had some injuries and were taken to the hospital. Two of the cows were cut and required treatment. Although most of the structure has been put back up with a new, stronger foundation, we need a new storage for the cow feed. Unfortunately, much of it started rotting in the rain before Joseph could get it moved into a dry space while the new construction was happening. The cows are a big part of the income generation for the program, so we need to make sure they are well taken care of. $185 is needed to build the food storage shed. 

If you have any questions about donations or our work in Kenya, please don't hesitate to contact Alison Mistak at  Click for donation information.