Sponsorship is a direct, effective means of providing life-changing opportunity to impoverished youth. Moja Foundations sponsorship program focuses on empowering youth to meet their fullest potential. In addition to meeting their basic needs, youth attend schools most suited for the educational goals, receive mentorship from Moja Foundation staff, receive leadership training, and foster relationships with their sponsors and support team. Please see our Sponsorship FAQ page and contact Alison Mistak at with any questions or to set up sponsorship.

Current Sponsorship Needs


Neema Kathure

Neema has tremendous potential and determination. She has defied the odds and became the first in her immediate family to complete high school. At 21, she is in her third year of nursing school. Neema says that she decided to become a nurse after visiting a local hospital. “I saw all of the sick people and they did not have enough people to take care of them. That is when I decided that I wanted to be a nurse.”

Because of Neema’s capacity to succeed and her commitment to providing health care to those in need, Moja Foundation has committed to supporting Neema in completing her nursing education. The annual costs for her tuition, room and board are almost $3000. We are seeking a team of potential sponsors since the cost is more than most can donate. We can set up any pledge amount from $25/month. One-time donations are also welcome. By supporting Neema and you will not only be creating opportunity for her to rise above a lifetime of poverty, but you will also be providing the people for her community with a caring, compentant healthcare provider.


Jackline Mwende

Jackline has completed primary school and is awaiting a sponsor so that she can continue to secondary (high school). Jackline has faced many serious challenges in her life and the fact that she has completed primary school has been a major accomplishment. She was born to a single mother and has never known her father. Jackline’s mother died when she was young, so she has been raised by her grandmother. Her grandmother is extremely poor and has had trouble feeding Jackline and paying her school fees. Jackline was so desperate to have access to regular food and school that she married an older man when she was 15 in hopes of having a more stable life.

Jackline is no longer married and desperately wants to finish her education. She will be 18 in April 2019. She is behind in school because of all of the difficulties in her life. We are trying to enroll Jackie in a boarding school because the barriers she faces at home. $1000 is needed to get her started. Subsequent semesters will be $300. We believe completing her education will be Jackie’s only opportunity to pull herself out of extreme poverty.

For more information about sponsorships please contact Alison Mistak, or 865-617-7974.