Current Projects

Love and Support

Moja Foundation provides financial support to Hugs for Life for the care of orphaned and impoverished children. They are also given the love and support of a family system. Joseph was deeded a piece of land by his late grandmother for the construction of a home. We hope to raise enough for the home to house at least 10 children. As well, Moja Foundation supports food packages for orphaned children and child-headed households. Lack of food remains one of the greatest challenges of children in Kenya causing not only hunger and malnutrition, but the inability to focus on school and the need to miss school to work for food.


Income Generation

One of the greatest challenges for any nonprofit organization is to maintain a steady source of income. Moja Foundation believes greatly in funding projects that help Hugs for Life create a sustainable source of revenue. Currently, Hugs for Life is raising dairy cows and rabbits and hopes to add bees for honey production in the near future.  We are in the process of raising funds for a small shop to be located in the rural area where the future home will be.  The shop will provide customers with essential cooking items and phone cards and Joseph with extra funds for some of the administrative costs of running Hugs for Life. 


Although the Kenyan government has increased support for secondary education, schooling beyond primary school remains out of reach for many of Kenya's children due to lack of money for mandatory items such as uniforms and books and the need to earn money to help support their families. Hugs for Life determines some of the area's neediest students with great potential to receive support for secondary education. Students are typically connected with a sponsor from Moja Foundation.




Hugs for Life operates in Embu, Kenya. Embu is a small city and surrounding county about 2 hours northeast of Nairobi located near Mount Kenya National Park.

    At 17,057 ft, Mount Kenya is the second-highest peak in Africa.