2016 Annual Report

Jambo Moja Foundation Friends and Family!

                                                      Doris, Evelyn, Jackie, Charles, Peter, Joseph

                                                      Doris, Evelyn, Jackie, Charles, Peter, Joseph

We thank you so much for helping us grow in 2016. You sent kids to school who otherwise would not be able to go. You provided food for children who were hungry. You gave clothes and shoes to kids who had outgrown the only pair of shoes they own. You provided letters and words of encouragement from the other side of the world. You gave deserving kids the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

I am always amazed at the commitment and compassion you display for children most of you have never met in person. As we continue to focus on providing quality care and support to a relatively small number of amazing kids, we hope you feel like a part of our family and community. We think of you as a member of our Moja Foundation family. We definitely could not do this work without you!

Alison and Joseph

2016 donations increased by 260%. Wohoo! Okay, some of that is due to the fact we didn't officially take effect as a 501c3 until mid 2015. However, we did get several new regular sponsors and had three fundraisers including the rummage sale, silent auction and holiday treat sales. I would love to be able to commit more time to fundraising because while we are grateful for love and prayers, we really cannot do much without money. Having a regular job and two young kids doesn't leave a lot of free time. So,if you have any fundraising ideas you want to try on your own or with us, let me know. Talking to your friends or sharing on social media are also a super ways to help us.


Although getting more donations is great, it is pretty meaningless if the money is not spent effectively. Of course, the majority of our expenses goes directly towards the needs of the children. Joseph works hard to make sure each child gets the best education possible and searches for the most appropriate school for each child. In 2016, we had six students in primary, six in secondary, and one studying nursing at the university level. 

Other needs funded include clothing, food and medical care. Unfortunately, one of out children was sexually assaulted last year and we have allocated extra funding for counseling and court costs. Rent covers the cost of the apartment where Joseph and five of the children live when they are not at school. Project expenses include some of our income-generating projects like cows and a farm truck. Travel covers the cost for Joseph to visit the various school and projects and my airfare to visit Joseph and the children in April (I can't wait!). And finally, everyone's favorite, bank fees, is the cost of wiring money to Kenya and credit card processing.