Holiday 2015

Love, Laughter, and Light


This is the time of year we reflect on what we have accomplished and what our needs are for the coming year. Starting Moja Foundation has been so exciting. After many years of working with an organization that funded numerous projects, it is wonderful to be able to just focus on one. Moja Foundation feels much more personal.  Joseph and I working together is a testament to the power of providing opportunity, support, and encouragement to vulnerable youth. We know that providing youth the opportunity to reach their fullest potential is one of the greatest gifts we can give. 


The cow shed looks amazing. Now all we need is cows. Well, actually we already have cows, but they live about 2 hours away. Although they are ready to move into their new home, Joseph has to wait until the road conditions improve. There is a "rainy season" in October-December which make some of the rural "roads" nearly impossible to use because they basically become a huge mud pit. One of the cows is already pregnant, so milk is on the horizon. 

The new shed full of hay and ready for its new residents

The new shed full of hay and ready for its new residents

Peter and Joseph were excited to help fill the shed with hay.

Peter and Joseph were excited to help fill the shed with hay.

Joseph is posing on his new ride! We bought a truck to help with hauling kids and needed supplies. It will also generate income since trucks are scarce in the village and people will pay to have things transported.

Neema was thrilled to be able to attend  school regularly. She had attended sporadically in the past, but was frequently sent home because of lack of school fees.

Charles struggled in his previous school because of instability and poor funding. Thanks so much to those who rallied to help Charles start in his new boarding school where he will be able to receive a much better education!

Greatest Needs

The holidays and end of the year are always times when people think about giving back. Of course, working with impoverished children in a developing country creates an endless list of needs. However, we are focusing on what currently has the greatest priority and the greatest impact. We have listed some of our most important current needs with an idea of how much they cost. This doesn't mean we need donations in the full amount. Every donation is equally important no matter the size!

School Fees per 3 month term, includes room and board- Secondary $150, Primary $85. We currently have 2 secondary and 5 primary students we are committed to supporting. We would like to be able to support an additional 4 secondary students.

Rent for the apartment Joseph shares with Stephen, Peter, Joseph, and Charles- $70

Food for 50 orphaned children for Christmas $500, monthly food supplement $400 

See our Donations page for more info on how to help.