Fall 2015

Joseph and I are so excited to get our website up and running. And, even more excited that you care enough to stop by and read this!  Of course, we have lots of dreams for what we would like to accomplish, but we want to stay focused on our priorities and ensure we are as efficient and effective as possible. If you have any questions about the needs of Moja Foundation or how to make a donation, don't hesitate to contact me.

Ongoing Needs

School Fees

Moja Foundation supporters are currently sponsoring school fees for 6 children. The fees for secondary school are far out of reach for a majority of Kenyan children. We need help with continuing support for the children we have committed to and once we have secured funding for them, we will expand to those with the greatest need and potential. $30.00 per month will enable a child to continue their education. While we don't technically have a sponsorship program, we can connect you with a child in need so that you can see the impact of your donation.

   Orphaned children receive food assistance from Hugs for Life.

   Orphaned children receive food assistance from Hugs for Life.


Access to food has tremendous impact on children in poverty beyond nutrition. Lack of food affects school performance and attendance.  Children have difficulty focusing when they are hungry. Many cannot attend school because they need to spend their time trying to earn money to purchase food or their caregivers earnings must go to feeding the family with little or nothing left over for education or other needs. Moja Foundation wants to help provide food supplements to households caring for orphaned children in Embu. $20 can provide a child with basic food items (oil, flour, beans, rice) for one month. 

Current Needs

Cow Shed

Joseph owns three cows to help support the needs of the children supported by Hugs for Life. They are currently housed on land over an hour away. Joseph has room for them on the land owned by his family, and relocating them closer would save a considerable amount of time and money. One of the cows has been giving milk and the others will be ready soon. If they are nearby, the can produce up to $300 per month from milk sales.  Joseph has been hard at work on the cow shed, but $350 is needed for it to be complete. Once it is finished, the cows can be moved and there will even be room for two more cows. 

                                                                                                        Joseph on top of the unfinished shed

                                                                                                        Joseph on top of the unfinished shed


We are always looking for ways to increase self-sufficiency. We wanted to find a way for Joseph to have an income to meet his basic needs so that he can focus more on the work of Hugs for Life. One of the solutions we have been working on is to have a small shop located on the family land. It is located in a rural village where people don't have easy access to basic food and hygiene items. As no one has access to a land line, cell phones are essential for communication and prepaid phone cards are a major need that will be made available at the shop. The building will be constructed like a kiosk and the bricks have already been purchased. $1000 is needed for the initial inventory and licenses.

Long-Term Need


Of our dreams is to have a home big enough to house several children who are orphaned or are in crisis. Joseph was deeded land from his late grandmother for the purpose of caring for children in need. We are working with an architect on estimates for a home that could house up to 12 children. However, we will start smaller and add on as we can. To get the house in livable condition for Joseph and the three boys under his care, we will need approximately $10,000.