Youth Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

What is youth sponsorship? 

Youth sponsorship involves monetary support for a young person in Kenya who lacks the resources to complete their education and often lacks access to basic needs like food, clothing, and hygiene items. Our sponsorship program goes beyond monetary support and aims to connect sponsors and beneficiaries on a personal level. 

How much is it to sponsor? 

Sponsorship can be arranged starting at $25 per month up to the full amount of the youth’s tuition and living expenses. Because Moja Foundation aims to fully support each youth and give them the most opportunity possible, the full cost of sponsorship may be more than one sponsor can pay, there may be a sponsorship team made up of two or more sponsors. Sponsors will be given the opportunity to pay for the full sponsorship or the amount they want contribute, and informed if any additional sponsors will need to be involved.

What kind of communication will I receive?

You will receive at least 2 letters per year and many photos and updates via email throughout the year. You can write back and receive more frequent communication if you desire. Phone calls and video calls can be arranged. You are also welcome to visit them anytime. Our goal is to create a connection between the sponsor and sponsored youth, so that you know the youth you are sponsoring and how your support is making a difference in his or her life.

How is money used?

We focus on sponsorship of a limited number of youth in order to give them the best opportunities possible. Since most of the youth in our program live in home environments that lack basic needs and may be a long walking distance to the nearest school, we have determined that boarding school offer a better quality education that allows them to fully focus on their studies. Costs for school, room, board and basic needs run about $1000 annually for secondary and $1000-$3000 annually for college. Those that have a more stable home environment, may live with a guardian and attend a day school. Tuition and basic needs for youth living at home average about $600 annually. 

How are beneficiaries selected?

Youth are selected based on need and potential. Orphaned youth living in extreme poverty are given priority. The youth under the sponsorship program live in the villages of Embu, Kenya.

Can I sponsor for a limited time?

Absolutely. While we are thrilled to have many sponsors that continue their sponsorship throughout the youth’s education, it is definitely not a requirement. We understand that sponsors may have other commitments. We can set up a pledge for a certain time frame or accept one-time donations towards a youth’s needs.