Mountains for Moja

October 6th, 2018

Thank you so much for your interest in participating in the Mountains for Moja event!

The Trail:

We will be hiking the Andrew’s Bald trail which leaves from the parking lot of Clingmans Dome. The trail is 3.6 miles roundtrip with the hike to the bald going down and an elevation gain on the way back. The bald itself has beautiful views of the Smokies on clear days and will be a great spot for us to have a picnic. Read more about the trail and get directions here.


We plan to start hiking around 10am. We will be arranging a carpool to leave from Maryville around 8am. The exact location of where to meet up for those that want to carpool will be determined. We also designate a spot to meet. These details will be posted on the Moja Foundation website, Crowdrise page, and through email at least 2 weeks prior to the hike.

Hiking/What to Bring:

We will plan to head out together, but everyone does not have to keep the same pace. If you prefer to head out on the trail on your own that is totally fine too. Once we get to the bald, as long as the weather isn’t horrible, we will have a picnic. Moja Foundation will provide snack food, but if you have certain preferences or what something more bring whatever you like. We will also bring blankets, but if you have a good picnic blanket, bring it along. It does rain frequently in the area (although October is one of the drier months), so it would be wise to pack a rain jacket. Also be sure to bring water.


Go to There is no cost to register, we just ask that you make a contribution and/or get the word out to help encourage donations.


We can’t support the education and care of these very deserving kids without your help! We have made fundraising very easy through the use of Crowdrise. In fact, we will even set up a fundraising page for you once you register. It is super easy to share on social media or through email and is a great way to reach family and friends without feeling like you are harassing them. They can donate directly online, give donations to you, or send them to us. You can check out our Crowdrise campaign at

Contact Alison Mistak with any questions at or 865-617-7974.